Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 1 Result: April 12-18

Friday - Feed Day (worked out for 40 minutes)
To be honest I dont remember what I ate exactly but I do know that it was on the healthy range.

Saturaday - Feed Day (worked out for 40 minutes)
-Had a protein shake for breakfast (one scoop of 100% whey, 1TB pure peanut butter and half of a banana).
-Went out to a birthday dinner at Capital seafood in Westminister. it was msg heaven!! we did family style and consisted of many diffeent type of dishes (white rice, hot and sour soup, watercress spinach, calarmari, fried tofu, house special shrimp (fried), some kind of pork dish and deep fried fish!) it was seriously gluttony heaven. I had a tasting from EACH PLATE and boy was my full afterwards.

Sunday - Feed Day
--Had a protein shake for breakfast (one scoop of 100% whey, 1TB pure peanut butter and half of a banana).
-Vanilla ice latte from coffee bean
-had twaiwanese food for dinner (boiled dumplings and fried tofu)
-chicken noodle soup -store bought cookies

Monday - Fast Day
Emerge Body Slendeizing Drink Mix (for energy) - 35 calories
Yam (medium size) - 233 calories
Cottage Cheese - 90 calories

Tuesday - Feed Day (worked out for 40 mins)
-had a bear claw
-a ham and cheese croissant
-protein shake
(was definitely a fat day) Wednesday - Fast Day (worked out for 40 minutes)
-Emerge Body Slendeizing Drink Mix (for energy) - 35 calories
-medium size mango - 120 calories
-protein shake - 200 calories
-bite of my bf food - 100 calories

Thursday - Feed Day

-asian chicken salad
-teriyaki chicken with white rice
-chicken pasta
-charo chicken the mama's combo
-protein shake (1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein, cup of spinach, 2TB peanut butter, 1TB chia seeds)

As you can see I lost 4 lbs! I'm happy but i'm still a skeptic. I'm pretty sure it was mostly water weight so we shall see! but either way i'll take it! OVERALL: The fasting days was not as bad as i anticipated i drank A LOT of green tea to keep the hunger away and tried to only eat one meal because spacing out my calories just seemed like a tease. It helped knowing that i could eat "whatever" i wanted the next day and so that kept me going.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Starting Poing

One random night I was surfing through my kindle and was browsing the top selling books and stumbled upon THE FAST DIET by Dr. Micheal J. Mosley (note there are now an abundant of similar books out there but his is the original).

"The diet involves low calorie consumption for two days a week and allows normal eating for the other five days.[2] Although the number of calories consumed on the two days a week is restricted, it is up to the particular dieter to decide how to divide them throughout the day; men can consume 600 calories and women 500.[3] A typical fasting day may consist of a breakfast of 300 calories, such as two scrambled eggs with ham, water, green tea, or black coffee, and a lunch or dinner of grilled fish or meat with vegetables, amounting to 300 calories." Source.

Now i'm not one to fall easily for diet scam esp one with the word FAST in them. Any diet promiseing quick results is an immediate red flag! but what really intrigued me was the many positive reviews claiming the diet actually worked. after reading review afte review about how it had worked for them (over 100+) I figured why not? The diet seem simple enough.

Quick break down of the diet
-fast 2 days out of the week (non-consequtive days)
-500 calories
-same as aboved but 600 calories.

a little about myself. I'm not embarking on this diet as an out of shape woman. I am in fact consider fit, not in top shape but fit. Working out, dieting and counting calories is definitely not new to me. I have been on a healthy lifestyle change for about two years now. My wake up call was mid 2011 after realizng I had let myself go and gained 30 lbs during my relationship. I am currently down 25 lbs and am having a diffcult time losing the last stubborn 10-15 lbs.

Current stats or Starting stats. 24 year old female
134 Lb
active (doing insanity).

Many have claimed they received positive results even while not excercising and drinking but for me I am still going to keep my current lifestyle of excercising regularly and typically eating healthy. the only difference I will not be as conscious during my feeding days (non fasting days). The reason why I wanted to document my own experience is because while searching the internet for other people results/experience there were little to none, were mostly male participants or none in the U.S. (this diet started in Britain).